There might be a bug in rendering alerts


There might be a bug in rendering alerts.
When I preview it, it looks like the attached image.
By the way, it was rendering properly in the beta version.
I upgraded to 5.8 and updated the theme at the same time.


inkdrop: 5.8
macOS: latest version


スクリーンショット 2024-04-06 0.19.38


I am seeing this as well.

Version 5.8.0 (5.8.0)

Have you uninstalled the gfm-blockquote-admonitions plugin?
I can’t reproduce it on v5.8.0.

Yes, I have uninstalled the gfm-blockquote-admonitions plugin.
I found the problem.
The issue seems to occur when selecting a theme other than the Official Github preview theme.

Makes sense.
Can you tell me which preview theme you use and report it to the theme author?

I am using the ColorFi preview theme!

I also tried Dracula, Monokai, Horizon Dark, and nothing worked except Github Preview.

What do we need to tell the theme author?

Thanks for letting me know.

Hmmm, there are so many preview themes necessary to be updated:

It looks like unrealistic to ask everyone.

Let me think of a workaround for it.

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v5.8.1-beta.1 should solve this issue.

Please check out the “Embed the default preview theme in the app” section in the release notes for more details.

Would you mind testing it?

The fix has landed in v5.8.1:

Thanks again for the feedback!