`Readable Line Length` option is not accepted

Readable Line Length option is not accepted.Given the number of issues registered, many users are mistaking it for a bug.It might be better to turn it off by default from version 5.8.1.

Certainly, if the area for the editor or preview is wide, the text becomes long horizontally and hard to read.

In my case, I limit the width using a stylesheet. However, I prefer to have a wider area for tables and code sections (which often need to be wider), so I exclude them from this restriction. It’s like this.

.editor {
  .CodeMirror {
    pre {
      max-width: 720px;
    pre.list-line-1 {
      max-width: 700px;
    pre.list-line-2 {
      max-width: 690px;
    pre.list-line-3 {
      max-width: 680px;
    pre.gfm-codeblock {
      max-width: none;

.mde-preview {
  li {
    max-width: 720px;

I think it’s difficult to make it a plugin because it requires fine-tuning depending on the theme and personal preferences vary.

This is translated into English by ChatGPT, so I will write it in Japanese as well.

多くの Issue が登録されていることからも Readable Line Length は受け入れられていないようです。5.8.1 からはオフにするのが良いのではないでしょうか。
これを plugin 化したいとは思っていましたが、テーマや好みにもよるので難しそうです。

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Hi Shimizu-san,

Thanks for the feedback.
Yeah, it was the most confusing change in v5.8.0, especially for the existing users.
I made it enabled by default because most popular note apps like Apple Notes and Notion have the same restriction for the editor width, so I thought it was fine to have one on Inkdrop.
While I assume that it is no problem with the new users, it’d be nice not to enable it by default from v5.8.1.

And also, thanks for sharing your CSS tweaks! That looks interesting.
Yeah, and I wish it were possible to have the horizontal scroll bars only on tables!
I tried to achieve that on CM6 tho, it turns out impossible by design, unfortunately.
But I’m keen to find a way to accomplish that.

The ‘Readable line length’ option has been disabled by default as of v5.8.1.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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