Inkdrop Desktop v5.6.3-beta.0

Happy new year, folks! Let’s make Inkdrop better.

Key updates

:clown_face: Smooth animations

I wanted to add some smooth transitions for UI components.

Here is a demo:

I’d like to make Inkdrop more fun to use with these animation effects.

:link: Internal note link expansion

If you insert internal note links, they will be rendered as rich links with note status and tags like so:

I found that it feels oddly satisfying when adding internal links with this feature. I love it personally.
I plan to add a feature that helps quickly insert internal note links from the editor in the future.

Clickable tags in the note list items

Tag labels in the note list bar items are now clickable.
It will filter the note list by the tag you clicked.



  • feat(mde-preview): support creating a note from an empty link (Related topic)
  • feat(deep-link): support opening plugin detail from URI
  • feat(command): add core:copy-note-uri, which copies a URI of the selected note
  • feat(preview): support internal note link expansion: Render rich internal links to enhance connecting notes
  • feat(note-list): Experimental: support filtering by tag by just clikcing a tag list item on the note list item
  • feat(search): clearing the search keywords should not open the last opened note (Thanks SDO)
  • feat(sidebar): animate sidebar list items
  • feat(sidebar): animate workspace transition
  • feat(ui): animate main layout
  • fix(editor-title): support moving focus to editor from title input with DOWN key (Thanks Phil)
  • fix(redux-store): navigation: push state when opening a workspace (Thanks picklecillo)

Bug fixes

  • fix(clipboard): cleaning up html unexpectedly removes \r
  • fix(note-status): make conflicted notes when changing note status via keyboard shortcuts (Thanks Anon)
  • fix(proxy): do not use proxy agent with axios. it causes the app to access with a wrong port (Thanks Shimizu-san)
  • fix(theme-manager): (Internal) ignore the initial add event
  • fix(package-manager): should ignore the resolve file error (Thanks Brenton)
  • fix(dropdown): click handler should hide when clicking the dropdown label again when visible (Thanks Jakub and Simon)
  • fix(keymap): cmd-alt-m is used by system global shortcut on macOS
    • Changed the keymap for core:move-to-notebook from cmd-alt-m to cmd-ctrl-m
  • fix(redux): the editor should wait for saving the note before closing
  • fix(macOS): app hungs when typing text while CapsLock is enabled on macOS (Thanks Alessandro and Jack)

:raised_hands: Join the beta testing

The beta versions are available for paid users. Please go to the download page from the following link:

Don’t forget to configure backups before you test it!

Thank you so much for your support as always :heart: