Conflicts when statuses change quickly

Bug report

When I change the status of a note, Inkdrop immediately synchronizes. When I then change the status again, it creates conflicted notes. From a technical perspective I understand the problem, but as a user I find it confusing. The use case for doing these fast changes is, when I use the shortscuts and don’t hit the correct short cut right away or when I change my mind on what status I want to assign to the note.

Also (maybe related), when I then want to delete all the conflicted notes, Inkdrop doesn’t delete all selected notes for some reason. I have no experience with Inkdrop, but maybe this is related to sync again.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Sonoma (14.1.1)
  • App Version: 5.6.2

How to reproduce

  1. Open a note
  2. Change the status of the note (e.g. via keyboard shortcut)
  3. Quickly change the status again (i.e. changed to wrong status, changed mind, …)

I’ll also include the second (maybe related) bug:

  1. Do the steps above, but change the status a bit more often, to create more conflicts
  2. Select all conflicted files
  3. Delete
  4. Some non-deterministic amount of the files is not deleted (probably a race condition) – this even goes so far that you may have to repeat the deletion process more than two times, because even the second deletion leaves some of the files behind

(The clip contains both bugs)

Thanks for the report! I was not aware of that. I successfully reproduced it.
It looks like saving the note twice internally for some reason… :thinking:
It should be able to be fixed.

Landed in v5.7.0 :tada:

when creating a new note and setting the status directly afterwards it also produces conflicts: