Do not reset note when clearing search filter

Bug/Feature report

The way it works now is that clearing words in the filter always selects the first note again. Letting the user decide with a click, if he would like to change the note after clearing, would be my approach, but this is something I would like to discuss.


  • Platform: macOs
  • Platform version: Sonoma
  • App Version: 5.6.2

How to reproduce

  1. Enter search
  2. Click on note
  3. reset search
  4. The note resets to the top note of the note list :warning:


I would like to keep the selected note when clearing. I do like to clear, so that there aren’t dozens of words highlighted in my note, which I find distracting


Thanks for the suggestion.
I like the idea!
The current behavior of the clear button is to restore the previous navigation state, which also opens the last opened note.
It’d be nice not to open the note but only restore the navigation state.
I’ll implement it in the next release.
Thanks again for the feedback!

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It is now supported in v5.6.3-beta.0 :raised_hands:
This topic will be resolved in the official release.
Thanks again for reporting, @SDO!

Just tried the beta and it works. Thank you!

I have noticed a bug though (I think? :D)

  1. Search a term and click clear
  2. Search a second term and click clear again

Result: It displays the first search term or parts of it again. After clicking again the field is cleared.
So if it exists, it always reverts to the previous search term, rather than clearing the field.
See the gif for better understanding


This bug is already fixed. You can try this version.


thanks for letting me know. Didn’t think to check if someone else already reported it

This is fixed in v5.7.0:tada: Thanks for the feedback!