Inkdrop hangs on MacOS Sonoma with caps lock active

I have checked the troubleshooting

Bug report

InkDrop hangs on the newest version of MacOS Sonoma with caps lock active, when the OS displays the caps lock icon alongside the cursor.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Sonoma 14.2.1
  • App Version: 5.6.2

How to reproduce

Turn on the caps lock key and start typing.

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Hi Alessandro,

Thanks for reporting. I was able to reproduce it.
There is an error when the hang happens:

Attempting to call a function in a renderer window that has been closed or released.
Function provided here: undefined

will investigate it.

I think it is likely an Electron’s bug since the app doesn’t hang while recording a performance profile in Developer Tools :thinking:
But I can’t find any related issues on their repository on GitHub…strange.

Not sure if this is related or deserves its own thread, but I have been experiencing considerable input lag since upgrading to Sonoma. I have confirmed that this isn’t just a general system issue: vim in terminal, other apps do not have the same input lag.

I have vim motions plugin active. I’m not sure what causes it.

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Well, it was so hard to identify the cause of the issue and I think I managed to solve it.
It happens when the app tries to access remote objects on a key event.
It is so strange because accessing remote objects must not be anything to do with CapsLock, so it is surely an Electron or chromium’s bug :sob:
I implemented a workaround for this issue in v5.6.3-beta.0.

@Alessandro_Baldoni Can you please try it?

@anon82854204 Yeah that sounds strange but I don’t have such an issue in my environment except for the CapsLock one. Please let me know if the issue persists in v5.6.3-beta.0!

Hello @craftzdog , unfortunately I’m still getting the issue :pensive:
With the new version, however, it happens only the first time I turn the Caps Lock on.
After that, I can use the Caps Lock as expected.

Kind regards,

Thanks for trying it. Does it happen on the editor or somewhere else?

Only on the editor.

I suspect that why it happens only the first time you turn the Caps Lock on right after the launch is that the app tries to access the data store via remote objects in the background for sync.
Does it still happen after the sync is finished?

Hi @craftzdog , it looks like that the problem does not happen when the sync is finished.

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Cool! It is not a perfect solution but I’ll report it to the Electron community later.

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landed in v5.7.0 :tada:
Let me mark this topic as resolved.
If you get this issue frequently again, please let me know.

Thanks again for reporting! Cheers

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Thank you for this information, it is very helpful for me.

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