Consistent keyboard navigation between note title and body

Bug report

This is an enhancement request similar to the one in Suggestion: tab navigation from note title to note body

I can press UP to get from the note body to the title but then cannot press DOWN to get from the title to the body. If I can move from one to the other with UP I expect to be able to do the opposite with DOWN.

I see from the previous answer that the supported way of moving from title to note body is to press ENTER, in which case can I suggest removing the ability to move from note body to title using UP.

I tried the plugin at seamless-title-and-text - Inkdrop Plugins but it no longer works (it allows pressing DOWN to get to the note body from the title, but no longer supports UP to move from note body to title, the opposite of the built-in behaviour).


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: Windows 10
  • App Version: 5.6.2

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the feedback.
The problem is that the down key is for moving the cursor to the end.
In order not to break the behavior, it’d be nice to move the focus to the editor if the cursor is at the end of the title.

Meanwhile, you can configure a keymap to get your expected behavior like so:

  ".editor-header-title-input input": {
    "down": "editor:focus"

It is now supported in v5.6.3-beta.0 :raised_hands:
This topic will be resolved in the official release.

landed in v5.7.0 :tada:

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:tada: Excellent, thanks, this works great! :tada:

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