Inkdrop Desktop v5.5.1

Bug fixes

  • Windows & Linux: Cannot choose individual Markdown files on Windows or Linux when importing (Thanks Wakate and Chanakan
  • Specify font-family for the in-editor input dialog (Thanks Otawara)
  • Align deeply indented lists (Thanks Otawara)
  • Handle config load errors (Thanks Takeshi)
  • <style> tag in note is not working
  • title attribute of img is not being properly rendered in preview
    • eg. ![alt](path/to/img TITLE)


  • Remember distraction free mode on next launch (Thanks VGB, Ron, and Acekay)
  • Better welcome guide for new users

Breaking changes

  • Windows: Change shortcut keys for changing note status for Windows as they are not working (Thanks Jakub)
    • shift-alt-1: editor:change-note-status-none
    • shift-alt-2: editor:change-note-status-active
    • shift-alt-3: editor:change-note-status-onhold
    • shift-alt-4: editor:change-note-status-completed
    • shift-alt-5: editor:change-note-status-dropped