Status shortcuts and drop menu issues

Bug report


  • Platform Windows
  • Platform version: 10
  • App Version: 550

How to reproduce

Shortcucts for setting the note status (Ctrl+Shift+1…5) do not work.

Also, the Status dropdown menu doesn’t disappear when clicking on it again nor when clicking elsewhere in the application. The only way to close it is to select one of the items from the menu.

Hi Jakub,

Thanks for the report. Yeah, looks like ctrl-shift-<number> doesn’t work on Windows.
The keymaps have to be instead:

  'ctrl-!': 'editor:change-note-status-none'
  'ctrl-@': 'editor:change-note-status-active'
  'ctrl-#': 'editor:change-note-status-onhold'
  'ctrl-$': 'editor:change-note-status-completed'
  'ctrl-%': 'editor:change-note-status-dropped'

Replacing ctrl with alt works as well:

  'ctrl-alt-5': 'editor:change-note-status-dropped'

I’ll consider changing it in the next version.

As to the dropdown menu, it is an annoying bug in Semantic UI. It is no longer maintained unfortunately, so I’ll implement it myself in the future.

Fixed the keymaps in v5.5.1 :raised_hands: