Remember 'Distraction free' status on launch

I love the ‘clean’ aspect of Inkdrop when enabling the ‘Distraction free’ mode (Ctrl + Shift + D).

It would be nice that the app remembers whether this option was enabled or not the last time the app was used when launching the app again, in the same way that it does with other options such as the sidebar status (hidden or not) and the current view (editor vs preview).

Please, consider the possibility of implementing this feature. I actually think that this should be something the user should be able to customise in the ‘settings’ area (I mean, the user could choose whether or not the app should keep the view settings from the previous session).

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Thank you for the suggestion. Yeah, remembering the layout state would be nice to support.
I’ll consider adding it!


Plus one for this request. I was going to post this.

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This is on my wishlist too.

As of v5.5.1, it remembers the distraction-free mode :raised_hands: