Inkdrop Desktop v5.8.1-beta.2

Hey Inkdroppers,

Thanks for helping me make the app stable!


  • Editor: Custom font family not being applied (Thanks Shimizu-san)
  • dev-tools: Copy tag id from sidebar throws an error (Thanks Lukas)
  • Preferences: Do not enable the Readable Line Length option by default (Thanks Shimizu-san)


  • Avoid triggering Auto link title when the cursor is in the middle of the link
    • For example, when you type
      [link title](|
      (| is the cursor position) and hit Cmd/Ctrl-V, it shouldn’t trigger the paste-as-link dialog.

Internal changes

Adopting Cascade Layers

Cascade layers would make theming much simpler.
They allow themes to avoid rule specificity issues.
Inkdrop will bundle more default styles in the future versions, and with cascade layers, custom themes will only need to override the default styles rather than including every style.

UI, syntax, and preview themes are automatically enclosed with the corresponding cascade layer in v5.8.1.
The order of precedence is defined as the following at the moment:

@layer reset, base, tokens, theme, theme.ui, theme.preview, theme.syntax;
  • reset: Reset styles
  • base: The app base styles
  • tokens: CSS common variables
  • theme.ui: UI theme
  • theme.preview: Preview theme
  • theme.syntax: Syntax theme


  • Remove the reset CSS styles from UI theme stylesheets automatically when loading
  • :bug: Focus rings not working on some components
    • Changed the cascading layer to @layer theme.ui

Previous changes

:raised_hands: Join the beta testing

The beta versions are available for paid users. Please go to the download page from the following link:

Don’t forget to configure backups before you test it!

Thank you so much for your support as always :heart: