Inkdrop Desktop v5.5.3

Download here!

New features

  • Auto update: Support disabling auto update and checking for update manually from the application menu (Thanks Sceptic)
  • Command: Support opening new note in separate window (Thanks Ryuki)
    • core:new-note-in-separate-window / cmd-shift-n on macOS, ctrl-shift-n on Linux and Windows


  • All platforms: The app randomly crashes (Thanks Phil, Aleksis, and Dmitry)
    • Bumped up Electron from 16 to 21
  • Markdown Preview: Empty links cause the app to exit (Thanks James)
  • Security: Prevent potential OS injections through the Markdown preview
    • Do not allow iframe HTML tags by default. You can enable it back from the preview settings. Only https URLs are allowed.
    • Prohibit webview and object HTML tags.
  • UI: Some icon colors are incorrect
  • Note list: It causes a note conflict when pinning quickly (Thanks Dmitry)