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I’d like a check for update function somewhere. Perhaps in the about window? I pressed later on the update dialog and now it has not shown up for 2 days forcing me to go the website myself. When does the dialog show itself again after choosing later?

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Hi Sceptic,

Thank you for your suggestion and question.

On macOS and Windows, you only get the update dialog when the app is ready to update, having finished downloading the new version. So you don’t need to check manually for update again.
On Linux, it just notifies a new version available. It won’t show again until the next app launch if you pressed the later button.

I think it would be nice to describe about that on the update window.

I think it would be nice to describe about that on the update window.

私も、更新ウィンドウで「Update Now」を選択してからダウンロードするものと勘違いしていました :sweat_smile:

更新データのダウンロードが完了した旨の説明と併せて、ボタン名も「Update Now」ではなく「Restart Now」の方が、具体的な動きが想像できて良いかもしれませんね。

Yuko-san said, it would be nice to display “Restart Now” instead of “Update Now”.

Yeah, that’s good.
I guess “Update & Restart” would be better.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I would really like to request this again. My version on Windows does not always get the latest version even though a new version is out. I’d love to be able to check for updates manually, or maybe I could already trough a console command @craftzdog?

It would save me the pain of logging in and getting the latest version myself manually.

Hi Sceptic,

What version were you using?
The auto-update doesn’t work on versions older than v5.4.3 due to the let’s Encrypt root certificate expiration (See changelog).
The recent Inkdrop shows a yellow notification like so, instead of popping up a notification window:

CleanShot 2022-11-15 at 10.00.31@2x

So, it won’t interrupt your work anymore.

You can check the update manually by running the following script:


Hope it helps

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Sorry, I’m not sure which versions but it happened twice, aside from when the root certificate expired.

Aah nice, I’ll write it down.

Would be nice to have a UI check for updates feature though. That tells you you’re on the latest version :sparkling_heart: when it checks, giving you the:

And also an option in the settings to not automatically check for updates.

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The reason why Inkdrop doesn’t let you check for updates manually is that Electron’s auto-updater is kinda awkward as it doesn’t have an API to know download progress:

So, if you could check for updates manually, the UI would look like so:

  • Check for updates → Displays new version available → Click ‘download’ → No progress bar😇

Currently, the app has to notify the new version only when completing downloading it.

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Aah, no progress bar would be totally fine, Visual Code doesn’t have one too. :sweat_smile: But just a check of it and a “Do you want to update to version x?” when a new version is available. Would be nice. And a “You are running the latest version already!” Or something similar would be a nice quality of life update for me. Aah and the option in the settings to set update update behavior to manually check for updates only.

A common place in the UI for this feature would be in the → help → about dialog.

Yeah, maybe I can have some time to play them again now.
Oh, VSCode doesn’t have one? I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Hi @Sceptic

You can now disable auto update:

Also, checking for update manually has been supported:

CleanShot 2022-12-14 at 10.48.55@2x


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