Random crashes on v5.5.2

Bug report

The app randomly crash on Ventura. It seems to happen after a period of inactivity, not when the app is consistently used.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Ventura 13.0.1 (22A400) / Apple M1 Max
  • App Version: 5.5.2

How to reproduce

I cannot consistently reproduce. After synchronizing content, it quits (I get the Apple pop “InkDrop unexpectedly quit”). Note that the content is successfully synchronized.

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Hi Phil,

Thanks for the report. That’s strange.
I’m also on Ventura on M1 Max MBP but it works pretty well so far.
Looks like the exception occurs in the Electron main process, not in the renderer process.
If I can reproduce it, I will look into it!

To investigate, could you run the app with the following command from the terminal?

/Applications/Inkdrop.app/Contents/MacOS/Inkdrop --enable-logging

Let me know if the app crashes again and if there is any error in the terminal.

Hi Takuya,

I am running the application from the command line, and will report if a crash occurs again. Thanks!

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Hi, it just crashed. The logs don’t show much as far as I can tell.

Are you sure it’s the OS?
In my case, the application began to randomly crash both on macOS Big Sur and on Windows 10 (and without memory dumps, which means it exits correctly).


Thank you for the reports, Phil and Dmitry.

According to the crash reports, it looks like it’s a memory-related issue in Electron.
That’s weird since there are not many changes in v5.5.2. Just some bugfixes.

Maybe upgrading Electron solves it. I’ll work on it.

In v5.5.2, node-sqlite3 has been bumped up from 4.2.0 to 5.1.1.
So, it could be causing the issue if there were internal breaking changes in the native scope.

Can you please try rebuilding the full-text index?

  • Menu → Developer → Rebuild FTS Index

And let’s see if it solves it.

Done, I’ll report if it still crashes. Thanks!

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After Rebuild FTS Index the app not crashed all day (Windows 10).

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I was having this absolutely same issue on my M2 Air on Ventura.

Rebuilt the FTS and will also report if it crashes.

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Alas, it just crashed. Note that those crashes are infrequent for me – maybe once or twice a week. And data is never lost, so re-opening the app means that all my work is there.

The application began to close spontaneously again. This happened twice in 2 hours. After that I applied “Rebuild FTS Index” again and this behavior stopped.

In the log only this:

[bugsnag] Loaded!
2022-12-01T07:52:23.423Z app:info Initializing inkdrop app..
2022-12-01T07:52:23.425Z app:info Arguments: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\inkdrop\app-5.5.2\Inkdrop.exe
2022-12-01T07:52:23.425Z app:info Arguments: --enable-logging
2022-12-01T07:52:23.453Z app:info Starting inkdrop app..
2022-12-01T07:52:23.475Z app:info axios default config: { proxy: false, httpAgent: undefined, httpsAgent: undefined }
2022-12-01T07:52:23.563Z app:info Starting a session

After restarting, all data is saved. There are no crash dumps, so exit is correct.

I’ve been testing with Electron v21 this week and it’s been working without crashes in my environment.
I’ll push a beta release next week.

I’ve built it with Electron 21 for macOS. Can you try it? @Phil_Camus @Aleksis_K


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I just crashed again this morning.

I’ll try this build and will report back.

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I’ve also built for Windows. @dgavrilov Could you try it?


Yes, today I will start using this build.

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It’s been a week. Have you guys got any crashes so far?
If not, I guess it’s been resolved with Electron 21.
I’ll roll it out next week!

No crash so far for me. Thanks for the quick fix!