Inkdrop Desktop v5.6.2

Hey Inkdroppers,

Thanks for reporting bugs and other issues!
This release is much more stable now.


  • fix(note-list): The popup menu for opening notebook not working (Thanks Shogo-san)
  • fix(keymap): Canceling multi-stroke keymaps not working (Thanks Markus and Kentaro)
  • fix(editor): “Move to notebook” not working properly, where it randomly moves a previously opened note (Thanks Shimizu-san)
  • fix(editor): Do not transform HTML into Markdown when pasting if it has special markups (Thanks Jake and Lukas)
  • fix(fts): Forward matching not working in the full-text search (Thanks Thomas) and SDO
  • fix(editor): Task list not updated on explicit save (Thanks Simon)


  • fix(windows&linux): Change a keymap to delete a note from ctrl-backspace to delete
  • chore(electron): Bump up to 25.9.5