Search is worse with v5.6.0

Bug report

Hello again :slight_smile: This time time reporting a bug as a paid user :smiley:
I noticed that the search function is performing worse/not at all after the 5.6.0 update. My assumption: You changed it to look for ‘entire words’ instead of ‘contains’. In addition search does not update with every key typed. I am adding a few pictures so that it becomes obvious


  • Platform: macOs m1 and m2 pro
  • Platform version: Sonoma 14.0
  • App Version: 5.6.0

How to reproduce

I have a note with the Title “Performance” and am trying to search for it

Typing in “perfor” and even pressing ‘enter’ or ‘search all’ does nothing

I have now added another letter ‘perform’ and now it is found


Searching for ‘formance’ yields nothing, hence my assumption that it is looking for whole words instead of ‘contains’

If you want me to check some other things let me know :slight_smile: Overall I am very happy with the new update

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Thanks for the report.
I haven’t changed the full-text search in v5.6.0.
and I guess it would be a duplicate question of:

Could you check them?

Thank you, that explains it. However I find it weird that I did not notice this behavior at all with v5.5 but immediately with v5.6

that’s weird but I have changed nothing regarding the FTS.
That ‘formance’ yields nothing is an expected behavior of the Porter stemming algorithm, just like you can’t find pages including ‘performance’ by searching with the keyword ‘formance’ on Google.

Found that the prefix modifier hasn’t been added as of v5.6.0!
@SDO Sorry for my misunderstanding.
Check out the current discussion:

Thanks again for letting me know!

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Great to hear! This has been bugging me quite a bit :smile:

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v5.6.2 has been released :partying_face: Thanks again for reporting as always.

Thank you again. Muuuuch better now :slight_smile: Just one question whether this behaviour is normal:

writing “perform” finds the note now when it didn’t previously. Everything from p → perform finds the note.

However, performa|performan|performanc do not find the note. Is this expected behavior from the algorithm?

“performance” obviously works again

Yeah, I can see the similar behavior, too. And it looks like the expected behavior of the Porter stemming algorithm.
The only way to solve this is to use bi-gram/tri-gram but SQLite itself doesn’t support it natively.

understood. The way it works now is more than sufficient for my needs

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New Inkdrop user here, while this issue has been solved all my initial impressions with regards to how I will use Inkdrop relate to broadly to search:

  1. Is INBOX a special notebook? - after reaching the search documentation and syncing a few notes between mac and android clients I was unable to replicate what I was seeing in the sidebar
    All Notes (4)
    Inbox (3)
    Search Term: book:Inbox (while case sensitive returns 0)

  2. While the addition of To-Do Status Plugin changes the status of notes when the associated To-Do item is closed/completed I am unable to determine with or without plugin if it is possible to search for notes that contain to-do checklist items.

  3. Saved searches - let’s say I have a somewhat complex search criteria for notes in a notebook containing these words and tags but not other ones, is it possible on any of the Inkdrop clients to save these searches for reuse later?

Thanks Josh