Task list not updated on explicit save

Bug report

I am evaluating Inkdrop as my notes app, but found some weird behavior, that makes me question whether I want to use it. Some of the stuff is probably intended behavior and I just don’t like it personally, but I also found an obvious bug, that annoys me, since I would use that feature pretty often:

When saving a note via the menu point “File” → “Save” (or the respective shortcut Cmd + S), the tasks aren’t updated in the notes panel. Neither switching tasks, nor restarting the Application, trigger the update in the notes panel. To trigger the update, one has to make changes to the note that contains the tasks, and then switch to another note (without explicitly saving). I think the notes panel should update right away, when explicitly saving.

For my personal use case, I have some task file that I leave open next to my IDE. So the note may stay open for hours and plenty of tasks may be added and marked as done. This is why I’d like the “overview” in the notes panel to be updated automatically. And if that can cause performance problems, as I saw on a related bug report, Cmd + S would be fine for me too.

On a related note: While trying to reproduce the bug and check what behavior triggers an update of the task list in the notes panel, I also found another bug. It happens, when making changes to a task note and then restarting the app without explicitly saving the note. It seems like the note panel lags one change behind. I would have included a clip of that too, but for some reason this forum only lets me upload one clip. If you want, I can open another bug report for that.


  • Platform: macOS
  • Platform version: Sonoma (14.1.1)
  • App Version: 5.6.0

How to reproduce

  1. Create a note and add tasks (- [ ])
    (1.1. Optional: Change the note without explicitly saving; this creates the task overview in the notes panel)
  2. Tick some tasks
  3. Trigger an explicit save (either “File”->“Save”, or Cmd + S)
  4. The task list in the notes panel will not update, until changes are made to the note

Small (kind of obvious) update: This also happens, when saving via :w with the Vim Plugin

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the report.
Yes, I’m aware of that! It will be fixed in the next release.
This is because of debouncing rendering the preview, which should be flushed when saving so that the latest parsed data can be properly used to extract task lists.

Hey, thanks for the fast response! Glad to hear that you are working on a fix. Do you have an estimate on the next release?

Released just now!

Wow thank you, fixed not even 10 hours after the bug report! That is really something to consider

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