Inkdrop Desktop v5.5.0

New features

  • Global hotkey to create a new note in a separate window (Learn more)
    • Added application:quick-note command



  • Can’t change sort order by commands (Thanks Ryuki)
  • Window gets unintentionally resized when dragging if acrylic background enabled (Thanks elpnt)
  • Move the ‘full sync’ menu to under the Help menu
  • Multiline selection does not follow cursor upwards (Thanks Magnus)
    • Bump up CodeMirror to 5.65.2
  • Note search fails with specific characters (Thanks Magnus)
    • Searching for a note fails when using some characters like “%” and “&”
  • Images are duplicated in the editor (Thanks Lukas)

Breaking changes

  • A syntax highlighting for GraphQL has been moved to a plugin: lang-graphql
  • require('electron').remote is no longer available for plugins. Use require('@electron/remote') instead. Learn more