Button for clearing the search box

At the moment if I want to clear the search box, I have to click in the search box and manually remove all the keywords.
I think It’d be more convenient if there is a button at the right side of the search box to reset the search filter.

Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for the question.
You can clear the search keywords just by hitting Esc key.

This is still a bit inconvenient. If I’m just browsing using the mouse, I’ll have to click into it and hit a key. It would be great if there’s a clear button.

When I want to quit searching but don’t want to leave a mouse, I click “All Notes” on the sidebar. It behaves as same as clearing the search bar.

I also think having a clear button on the right is a nice thing to have (and quite a common pattern).

A related issue that took me a while to find out was how to dismiss the “search in note” bar. I would also add a close button there. It wasn’t clear to me that I needed to click Esc to dismiss it.

Hi David,

Thanks for the opinion.
That’s interesting - I haven’t ever thought that it needs a close button or a clear button in the find-in-note bar because I’m used to it with editors like Sublime Text:

So, I think it’d be a personal preference.