[Mobile Beta v5] Build 22

:sparkles: What’s new

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts can occur when multiple devices make changes to the same note.
When a conflict is detected, the note gets a warning badge on the note list:

The ‘Conflicted’ button appears on the editor:

By pressing the button, you can quickly understand which line is conflicted:

You can restore one of the conflicted revisions:

Mermaid support

It now supports drawing diagrams with Mermaid.
It’s compatible with GitHub :slight_smile:

:man_mechanic: Fixed platform-dependent issues

iOS: Restore scroll positions when the editor gets reloaded by iOS


:raised_hands: Try it now

The apps have different app identifiers, so you can still use the classic version while testing.

:partying_face: Finished implementing all the existing features!

The mobile app v5 has all the features as v4.
It took about 2 years to rebuild it from scratch :grinning:
I will be preparing to publish it as a public beta, and will be preparing to roll it out officially.

:muscle: It’s finally ready to add new features

I’ve published a roadmap in Oct, 2020:

I started working on building a native Markdown editor that runs on both iOS and Android in Nov, 2021.
After having many struggles, I was still unable to get the editor stable enough, unfortunately.
So, I ultimately decided to go with the webview-based solution 8 months ago.

Many customers have left during the development, but I didn’t give up.
Then, I’m happy to say that it is now stable and reliable enough for production use!
It would have not been possible without your persevering support.
I’ve learned a lot about how hard it is to make a product that “just works.”
I believe that this effort will definitely pay off.

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