[Mobile Beta v.5] Build 18 - Focus cursor

Bug report

When switching a window between inkdrop and browser, its current cursor position moves to the beginning of its page.

From my screen recording, you will notice the cursor moving to “When” a beginning of this page rather than staying its current typing position which I can then continue my note.


  • Platform: iOS
  • Platform version: 16.3
  • App Version: Beta v.5.0.0 (18)

How to reproduce

Typing a long sentence without any enter and swap between inkdrop and other windows such as safari browser.
simulated issue

Hi Bundit,

Thanks for the report.
I guess that’s caused by iOS, which occasionally unloads webviews for saving memory consumption for other apps. The app can’t prevent that but has to reload the webview when back from the background to active. That results in that cursor jump.
It’d be nice to save the cursor position and restore it when reloading the webview. But, I guess it will still have some strange behavior.

It’s been fixed in build 22🥳

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