[Beta 5.0.0 (20)] Notebook name is not displayed correctly

Bug report

The name of a notebook is not displayed correctly in the notebook list.
Depending on the length and nesting of the notebook, a long name is correctly displayed with “…”, but sometimes the name is simply omitted completely.


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: 13
  • App Version: v5.0.0 (20)

How to reproduce

  1. Create a sub notebook
  2. Depending on how deep the notebook is nested, the name must be adjusted accordingly (see screenshots).

Displayed incorrectly - Mobile

Displayed incorrectly - Desktop
Displayed correctly - Mobile

Displayed correctly - Desktop

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for the feedback.
That’s interesting. I’ve got it to reproduce.
Unfortunately, it seems to be a bug in React Native as it doesn’t happen on iOS but on Android. It happens when using Text component with ellipsizeMode="tail" and numberOfLines={1} and I can’t find any workaround for it at the moment.
I hope it will be fixed in the future.