Thinner scrollbar on Windows and Linux

Bug report


It is part of the Version 4 Beta I believe


  • Platform: Windows


Just change the size of the very left sidebar until it is right before it hits the longest named notebook.

And another thing:
That black bar is a bit too large, ugly, and it clashes with the highlighted page. Maybe make it thinner and a lighter instead of darker color.

Hi leptospira489,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah, the scrollbar on Windows and Linux seems like kind of big. I don’t like that, too.
Let me consider how to solve it.

4.0.0-beta.6 has thinner scrollbars.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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you are welcome! You still should fix the odd thing with the note number being anchored to the left:

I don’t see the note number badges left-aligned. The right margin you pointed out is scrollbar.

No, half of it is the scroll bar, the other half is padding for the number of notes. Unless there isn’t padding at all, if thats the case, could you add some pixels of padding so the number can’t be that close to the name of the notebook?

That makes sense. The count badge has 4px right margin but no left one.
Sure, I’ll add it!

Fixed it in 4.0.0-beta.7. Thanks!

It’s a little bit ugly in macos as well!

I have this problem in my web systems… then I solved using plugin

I also saw really good job in the plugin
maybe if you find something similar would be much better look!

Hi Gustavo,

macOS does not show scrollbar except for when scrolling by default.
I guess you disabled it?

Interesting, I never knew about this option!
For me it was selected “Automatically based on mouse or trackpad”, then the scroll is being shown when I have several folders in the sidebar.
Maybe It happens because I don’t use a Magic Trackpad or Macbook trackpads.
But if the default option is: “When scrolling”, so probally this is not a problem for almost macOs users.

Yeah, that’s exactly I mentioned.
it makes sense that’s due to other vendor’s mouse.
Thanks for letting me know!

Actually the right scrollbar is so thin on Linux that it doesn’t actually work!

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