Productivity features/observations

While I’m using inkdrop intensively as my main technical and project domcumentations there are some features and observation that IMHO might help productivity.
Let’s start with the observations


  1. Edit and preview mode
    Currently is the desktop icon action inkdrop11
    If I’m on editing with the preview mode side by side then I press on the eye button. It would be more intuitive to see the page in the preview mode not in the editing mode.

  2. Search in a document
    When I search in a document that in preview mode, it switches to edit mode to find the word. It would be more convenient if it stays in the preview mode.


  1. Jump to the top
    Documentation documents are usually too long and many times I need to jump to the top just to reach the table of content and jump from there to another topic. It would be great if we have a “jump to top” button in both edit and preview mode.

  2. Hover table of content
    Instead of just having a table of content at the very top, I wonder if there is a way to have a hovering table of content on the very bottom right at the document. (check this example from codimd)

    This hovering ToC has nothing to do with the [toc] tag, it’s always there untoggeled by default and it allows you to jump to anyway.

Thank you!

Hi King,

As always, thank you for the suggestions.
Sorry for the delay.
Here are my answers:

Edit and preview mode

That makes sense!

Search in a document

Yeah, that would be more intuitive to find texts but it requires a lot of work to support in terms of implementations.
I would add it if I found a simpler solution. I’m afraid to say no at the moment.

Jump to the top

I remember that you’ve requested that before:

Hover table of content

That looks outline feature.
I’ve got the same request from other guys. Please check out this topic about it:

It would be nice to be a plugin as I personally don’t need it.

Let me describe why I say no to those features.
Jump-to-top and outline feature would be for those who write long notes.
Inkdrop is a note-taking app not focusing on writing documentations.
This is the app’s core concept determining which features I should work on or not.
That’s why I don’t add those features.
I’m currently work on this roadmap to improve features to help organize notes.
Please post your suggestions when we discuss on next roadmap (maybe next year) so we can know how other people think about them.

Thanks again for your suggestions!

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You can jump to the top or bottom in the edit mode by pressing “command + cursor (up or down)”.
If you use windows PC, it would be “ctrl + cursor”, I guess.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply.
It doesn’t work (tested on Linux which I think pretty much like linux)