Plain text syncing option?

I recognize that this is kind of a big ask, but I am wondering if you would consider an alternative plain text syncing or storage option. I understand that Inkdrop uses a JSON schema currently, so the metadata attached there would be lost. I think this would be a fine compromise as long as it was communicated to the user (or you could still have the JSON as pure metadata).

The advantage here being the option of editing notes in other places, and transferring them in a more universal way without an intermediate import/export step.

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the suggestion. I understand filesystem-based sync is useful in some cases.
However, Inkdrop focuses on providing the seamless sync across devices including mobile platforms which don’t work well with filesystems. Adding more sync mechanisms would cause a lot of unexpected problems like compatibilities as you mentioned.
As I wrote in the roadmap here, I would rather focus on the core features.

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@craftzdog, yeah, I understand the limitations and also your reluctance. I suppose since there is local JSON syncing, someone could write a script to automatically convert those to Markdown files, but Inkdrop would need to support syncing back from local backups … is that a feature you would consider?

I’m afraid to say no at the moment. Let me focus on the roadmap.
Maybe it’s possible to implement with a plugin by watching changes feed if you are interested in.


@craftzdog, I making good progress on a plain text backup plugin, but I am wondering how to get the name of a notebook that has been renamed. For instance,

I have notebook Foo, which gets renamed to Bar, the change object inside of db.onChange() only contains the name Bar.

I ended up just storing a JSON file with id and value mappings. This is coming along!

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Just added import support!

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And now note creation!


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@craftzdog, is bookId === 'trash' the right way to check if a note is being deleted?

Yes and no.
It indicates the note is in the trash.
To detect when a note gets permanently deleted from the database, you have to observe the changes feed:

You can check change.deleted flag.
Because PouchDB stores the change history like Git.

Deletes are now supported!

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@Ryan_McQuen Cheers! :partying_face:

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