Folder with markdown files?

Hi! so I’ve been searching for a note taking app for a long time, I finally found this app that has every feature I want except for one, in my vim setup I’ve got a keybinding that opens a folder and fuzzy searches for notes, then I can open them directly in vim and update them or just see them next to my code, if this app has the a central location for storing the .md files and I could just add that to my vim path to have them appear in my script that would be so awesome, I know that features like sync won’t work until I open the app and sync or something but it’s a non-issue for me.

Thanks for the amazing app!

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Hi Eduardo,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah I understand you would like to edit notes with your favorite editor.
However, Inkdrop is basically designed to help organize notes without using file system. So I’m afraid to say no.
If you would like to use vim keybindings, you can use vim plugin.

I am starting to work on plugins to accomplish this, here is the first part:

My plugin now has import support! As long as you have Inkdrop open, you can work on files in a plain text directory and then sync them over with a sidebar menu item: