Nested Detail View

I love the detail view, but I would really like to see this feature extended to nested notebooks. As an example, if I have a top-level notebook “Development” with nested notebooks “JS” and “Python”. From the top-level I can see the “Detail” of all notebooks. But, if I view the detail of “Development” I’m not able to view the detail of the JS or Python notebooks, I have to navigate back to the top-level and then view the detail of the specific folder I want.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the suggestion.
It sounds like an issue with how you organize your notes.
The workspace view (detailed view) is basically for viewing a project/workspace.
“JS” and “Python” sound like tags rather than projects.
Why would you want them to be notebooks?
I guess you are learning those languages. If so, the project should be “Learning” or something with the language tags.

It’s been supported in the new mobile app (beta)

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It is now supported in v5.6.0-beta.1.