Multiple Workspaces - Again

I see the other requests for the ability to have multiple workspaces

I completely understand this would be a good bit of work, and it is not something most users need.

However, I did have a thought of one way to “implement” it without a bunch of work and not bloating the code with features that @craftzdog doesn’t use.

Would it be possible to offer a discount for a second account? This is not the optimum solution, since I would need to logout of my work account and login to my personal account and visa versa each time. However, it would keep my notes separate which means my personal data would not show up with my work data.

This is just a suggestion. The truth is that the existing price is so reasonable that I am considering just purchasing the second account without posting this. However, I am reminded of what my brother used to tell me, “If you don’t ask, the answer is No”. So, I figured I would ask. :slight_smile:

Hi Jeffery,

Thank you for the suggestion. That’s an interesting idea.
That way, I can easily issue a discount for your second account just like educational discounts.
But if I officially rolled out the discount for multiple accounts, it might cause some potential pricing issues.
For example, after you got the discount, you can delete the first account and make the second account primary while having the discount.

So, I have to implement grouping accounts to support that bulk account discount, which is kind of complicated.
I guess this is something equivalent to pricing for teams or families.
But it’s a personal note-taking app, not designed for teams or families.

So, I’m afraid to say no. But thanks again for letting me know your thoughts!

Thanks for your response and considering my idea. I agree with you that even this approach has a certain amount of overhead that has to be considered (like the grouping accounts you mentioned).
I appreciate all the work you put into this product. It really has made my work life easier. Because of where I work, I can’t mix personal notes with work notes. As I said, the price is so reasonable that I may just purchase a second subscription.
I wish you a kinda early Merry Christmas!

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Thank you for your understanding. That allows me to keep focusing on improving the core features like this.
I wish you an early Merry Christmas, too :smiley: