Mobile app generates a lot of [conflicted] files

Bug report

When editing notes in the Android app, a large number of [conflicted] notes may be generated.
No other clients are editing any notes during this time.
This problem may also occur even if all clients are properly synced and then the Android app is used to edit the note.
The problem occurs in both communication environments 4G Wifi.
The image is that every time I stop to type, a note is generated.
Once this occurs, it continues for a while.
I currently use the app almost every day, and this happens about once every 2-4 days.
It is difficult to delete notes from the app, and it is causing me a lot of stress, so please resolve this issue!
This issue has been brewing for almost a year now.

The original Japanese is provided to avoid discrepancies due to the use of a translation application. Same content.

Android アプリでノートの編集を行うと、大量に [conflicted] ノートが生成されることがあります。
また、全てのクライアントで正しく同期を行ってから Android アプリで編集を行ってもこの問題が発生することがあります。
通信環境は 4G Wifi のどちらの環境でも問題が発生します。
現状はほぼ毎日アプリを使っていますが、大体 2-4 日に 1 回はこの現象が発生します。


  • Platform: macOS/Android
  • Platform version: Android 14
    • kernel 5.15.131-android14-11-gd99d9fe08e0c-ab11209359
      #1 Tue Dec 12 17:18:56 UTC 2023
    • build AP1A.240505.005
  • App Version: v5.2.0 (87)

How to reproduce

Simply edit the note from the Android application.
The content you are entering may be in Japanese or English.

Hi Yuto,

Thanks for the report.
That sounds strange since I haven’t been experiencing such an issue on my iPhone.
Maybe Android-specific but I’ll try to reproduce it on my Android phone.
The [conflicted] notes are created when your editing buffer has an older revision.
It might be a race condition issue or something. Will look into it.

Perhaps the timing of the text input conversion may be affected.
To be sure, I use the standard Gboard application for text input.
The problem occurred on Pixel8 Pro and Pixel6 Pro devices. (I changed devices about 6 months ago and the problem continues.)

That’s interesting. I’ll try it as I don’t usually write notes in Japanese. Text conversions tend to be problematic here.

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