Making the editor drawer permanently available


With the new backlinks feature, i would really like to be able to pin the editor drawer so it’s permanently visible.

Right now, while the menu option says “Toggle editor drawer”, the pane hides as soon as I click on anything else.

That’s it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @picklecillo

Thanks for the feedback.
That’s a good point and I thought the same after releasing v5.8.0-beta.1.
I’m currently testing embedding the note information in the HTML preview pane:

First, I considered adding another dropdown for backlinks next to the notebook name under the note title.
But I thought you may want it to be expanded and quickly jump around linked notes.
I found myself rarely opening the editor drawer to check the note information.
It should be solely used for additional actions like ‘Revision history’, ‘Share on web’, ‘Pin to top’, etc, that’s simple and easy to understand.
Instead of adding various things to the editor drawer and making it complicated, it’d be nice to display the note metadata and backlinks in the preview.
As you can see, it is automatically rendered as a part of the note.
This way, you can quickly check the metadata without toggling the editor drawer while it doesn’t distract your writing experience.

I’ll be publishing it as beta.2 soon. Let me know what you think.

Nice! Totally agree… I too rarely use the editor drawer.
Only thing about the top is that then the note gets pushed down in a way, as it get referenced. Maybe that section can be toggled or folded?
No idea what folding could look like :thinking:

That’s my only concern
Also, it’s looking great!

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No worries, it supports folding the backlink section :slight_smile:

Check out v5.8.0-beta.2 and let me know your thoughts!

A few thoughts from me.

I like this new way of displaying note information. But there are two things that bother me a little.

  1. If there are backlinks to a note, a divider is displayed (<hr />). If there are no backlinks and only the note information is displayed, there is no separator. I would like the separator to always be displayed so that the content of the note is always clearly separated from the metadata.
  2. When I export a note, I would like to be able to deactivate that the note information is also displayed in the exported document.
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Makes sense. These are exactly what I wasn’t sure. Thanks for the feedback!

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I think having a dimmed background color instead of a horizontal line would be nice as it makes it clear that the panel is the app UI rather than the note content.