Inkdrop Desktop v5.8.0-beta.2

Hey Inkdroppes,

Thanks for the feedback after the beta.1 release!

Revisiting the editor drawer

In v5.8.0-beta.1, the backlinks have been added to the editor drawer.
But as @picklecillo pointed out, you may want to make it persistent so that you can jump around the linked notes quickly.

First, I considered adding another dropdown for backlinks next to the notebook name under the note title.
But I thought it wouldn’t be useful if you want to check backlinks across multiple notes sequentially.
I found myself rarely opening the editor drawer to check the note information.
It should be solely used for additional actions like ‘Revision history’, ‘Share on web’, ‘Pin to top’, etc, that are simple and easy to understand.
Instead of adding various things to the editor drawer and making it complicated, it’d be nice to display the note metadata and backlinks in the preview.

So, I decided to render the note information in the preview as a part of the note, as you can see below:

This way, you can quickly check the metadata without toggling the editor drawer while it doesn’t distract your writing experience.

The backlink section can be folded. The app remembers the fold/unfold state across notes.

The scroll sync still works just fine:

New option: Readable line lengths

This option limits the maximum width of the editor and preview panes to prevent excessively long lines of text. Enabled by default.


  • fix(macOS): Full Screen Button Disable Problem (Thanks Tahsin)
  • fix(note-list): Inconsistent tag filtering (Thanks Lukas)
  • fix(editor): Auto link title: does not properly check whether only exactly one link is inserted (Thanks Lukas)

:raised_hands: Join the beta testing

The beta versions are available for paid users. Please go to the download page from the following link:

Don’t forget to configure backups before you test it!

Thank you so much for your support as always :heart:

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