Inkdrop Desktop v5.8.0-beta.3

Hey Inkdroppers,

Thanks for the feedback!
This release would be a release candidate for v5.8.0.


  • fix(editor): unpin note when changing the note status to ‘Completed’ or ‘Dropped’
  • feat(tutorial): add video tutorial links
  • fix(preview): change the metadata section style to make it clear as a UI rather than note content
  • feat(notebook-list-bar): keyword matching includes parent notebook names


  • fix(markdown): inline style tags not working
  • fix(editor): toggline side-by-side mode does not sync scroll bar positions properly
  • fix(preview): the broken link icon still remains when editing
  • fix(search-bar): keyword won’t be reset when changing the note list view
  • fix(note-list-bar): selection gets messed up when holding up/down arrow key to select notes so fast
  • fix(github-preview): incorrect colors of nested alerts
  • fix(auto-link-title): do not insert when inside image link
  • fix(markdown): line breaks not working in gfm-alerts (Thanks @Lukas)
  • fix(editor): layout gets corrupted when having custom panes like sidetoc
  • fix(editor-meta): read-only state is not handled in meta-notebook
  • fix(preview): remove margin-top for headings immediately under the metadata section
  • fix(editor): avoid opening the same note via a command
  • fix(preview): do not render the metadata section when print mode
  • fix(preferences): incorrect label ‘htmlFor’ attribute (Thanks @cagrizorkol Tahsin)
  • fix(editor): allow url to be pasted without an assist feature
  • chore(themes): use vanilla CSS instead of LESS

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The beta versions are available for paid users. Please go to the download page from the following link:

Don’t forget to configure backups before you test it!

Thank you so much for your support as always :heart: