Lag when resizing the window with Acrylic background

my windows is 11

video for the bug
and i have problem with icons for adding img and so its very pixelated and small ,

Hi Vizkex,

Thanks for the video.
The acrylic window support is experimental and unstable in some environments.
You can contribute to the project here:

Unfortunately, the project is not active these days.

GOOD NEWS: I found that Electron finally and officially supports Acrylic window!

I’ll look into it and migrate to it

it’s really good news !!
I hope it’s fixed now

Unfortunately, it was not as stable as expected.
backgroundMaterial = 'acrylic' works only if the window has a window frame.
Here is a screenshot:

The biggest problem is that the window becomes not resizable with this config :dizzy_face:
I hope it will be resolved.
It’s already reported:

i have a feeling it will take a long time
but its looking great :frowning:

looks like the frameless bug got resolved

still nightly tho

finely, i see new beta is the bug fix on it ?

not yet

Any updates on this?

I’ll try it again when bumping up Electron to the latest

still unstable, unfortunately