Inkdrop Desktop v5.6.0 beta.0

Hey Inkdroppers,

I’m excited to announce the first beta version of v5.6.0, which comes with ground-up improvements!

:dash: Faster launch speed

Managed to make it 500-700ms faster :rocket:

Here is a demo:


:writing_hand: STORY: How I made Inkdrop 500ms faster to launch🚀

Loading plugins lazily

Along with v5.6.0, some plugins have been updated with performance improvements as well. mermaid and math load their modules only when you open a note that uses one of them. It would keep the launch speed fast even if you installed plugins that require massive modules like them.

:art: Markdown renderer engine update

v5.6.0 has upgraded Remark and Rehype packages to the latest versions. It isn’t only an internal improvement but also gives you more possibilities to get useful features. It now has mdast and hast data in the preview state, which allows to add syntax-aware features like outline views more easily without relying on regular expressions.

:writing_hand: STORY: Refactoring the extensible Markdown renderer :hammer_and_wrench:

On the other hand, it may cause some plugins not working due to the breaking changes. For plugin developers, I’ll post another topic to help you update your plugins.

:rainbow: Built-in paste-as-markdown support

Plugins are useful but it’d be a burden to explore and decide which plugins to install for light users. I wanted to make the app just work out of the box. As a starter, paste-as-markdown is now bundled into the app by default. It allows you to paste HTML as Markdown from the clipboard. It’d be useful for copy-and-pasting formatted texts from browsers.

I’m planning to bundle Mermaid, GitHub Emoji, and Math plugins as well.

:arrow_up: Bump up Electron to 25.1.1

Expected some platform-dependent issues to be fixed with this release.

:dizzy_face: Acrylic window style is not working on Windows

On Electron@25.1.1, the module that the app used to support the acrylic window style no longer works, unfortunately. The good news is that Electron itself officially supports the acrylic style for Windows:

The bad news is that it is not stable and working as expected – It doesn’t work with frameless windows, besides, it becomes unresizable and loses shadows. So, unfortunately, the acrylic window style is not supported on Windows in this release. Maybe I should stop supporting such an unstable feature :sob:

:sparkles: New API documentation (WIP)

I’ve been working on redesigning the documentation and the new API documentation is now available as WIP.

The design is heavily inspired by Stripe, built on top of Tailwind UI. It supports full-text search now. There are still many missing pages and broken links though, your help to improve the doc would be greatly appreciated. It will be more comprehensive and easy to understand and I hope you like it :smiley:

I’ll be working on creating a new user manual as well!

Other bug fixes and improvements

:raised_hands: Join the beta testing

The beta versions are available for paid users. Please go to the download page from the following link:

Don’t forget to configure backups before you test it!

Thank you so much for your support as always :heart: