[iOS] Add Support for ”swipe to navigate back”

I would like to navigate out of a note by swiping from left to right instead of using the back button. This is a common feature in modern iOS apps to make browsing easier With larger devices. This Is especially helpful for one hand usage.

Hi Lu,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah, I agree with it.
This is just an implementation issue since the iOS app is built with React Native and the view composition is kind of complicated.
Will support it when I found how to solve it. Thanks.


it’s been already resolved in the recent versions

Excuse me for cutting in, the version available on the App Store is v4.2.4.
Is this version already supported?

Yes, exactly.
You can swipe a finger from the left edge of the screen to the right to close the editor and go back to the note list.

Sorry, swiping from the edge of mobile worked fine :^)
I was swiping horizontally around the center of the screen like other MOBILE apps.
For example, Slack, Discord, LINE, etc…
I want to perform one-handed operation :slight_smile:
If it is feasible, please do it <3

Ah I got it. Yeah, that’s not supported.
Personally, I find that swipe gesture annoying because it often unexpectedly goes back when scrolling content as I’m left-handed. So, it’d be a personal preference.
Besides, the example apps you mentioned are chat/messaging apps.
I guess it makes sense in those apps because you may often want to jump around channels and talks.

I don’t know if it solves but it can be avoided by disabling the swipe gesture while editing. I suspect that it’d be confusing for some people though.

This feature about swiping seems to be a matter of taste.
I am happy just to be able to use the swipe function :slight_smile:

I’ve had a chance to revise the gesture handler part, so I made the gesture hit slop cover the entire editor screen.

@Daiki48 Can you try build 20 please?

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Yeah, I checked build20.
And I was able to swipe near the center of the screen. Oh, this is great :slight_smile:
Plus, it is easier to use. Thank you!

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I’ve been trying out the new build and the swipe to navigate back feature interferes with some scrolling movements, I however think it would be very hard to finetune it so this doesn’t happen which is why I’m not reporting it as a bug. On that note, if I could be able to toggle the feature on/off that would be great, 1. because it sometimes gets in the way of my scrolling and 2. because I’m using an android device with edge navigation so for some people it’s a redundant feature which the OS already handles.

For reference the the scroll issue happens when you don’t move your finger in a complete straight line but instead start a bit further to the left than you end, this most often happens when scrolling downwards with your thumb.

Could possibly be fixed by setting the accepted sideways swipe angle to be something like ±25 degrees relative to completely horizontal.

Yeah, I found the same issue and it only happens on Android.
I’ll try setting the fail offset for Y-axis to avoid it.

Build 22 has a fix for it

But maybe I will remove this feature from Android. I’ll talk about the detail in the next vlog.