Inkdrop mobile v5 is now officially available 🥳

Hey Inkdroppers,

It’s Takuya, the solo developer of Inkdrop. I’m so excited to announce that Inkdrop for mobile v5 has been officially released! It took 2 years to rebuild from scratch. Thank you so much for your patience and support. I’d like to share a quick summary of what’s new in v5 here.

:disguised_face: Sign up for Inkdrop

If you are new to Inkdrop, please create an account on the website :point_right:

:raised_hands: Update now

:sparkles: What’s new in v5

Apple devices

:muscle: Smooth editing experience on both iOS and Android

The Markdown editor has been fully rebuilt The following bugs have been finally resolved:

:nail_care: Multiple UI theme support

Solarized Dark and Nord are now available.

UI Themes

:eyes: Side-by-side mode on tablets

This feature allows you to preview notes and see what they will eventually look like, side-by-side on tablets.


:link: Auto link title

You often want to insert links that you find on the web, but it is annoying to add titles of them. Inkdrop now automatically fetches the page titles. You can choose a link format as you like.

Auto link title demo

:mag_right: Find in note

You can search within a note on the editor.

Find in note demo 1

Find in note demo 2

:tophat: GitHub-like revision history

You can quickly check the editing history of your notes with the new GitHub-like note diff view.

:raised_hands: I’ll keep improving it

Made by Takuya

That’s it! Thank you for joining the beta testing and reporting bugs to help make it stable enough. I’ll keep improving the app.

By the way, I’m vlogging the process of building Inkdrop here. Join my indie dev journey!

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