Can't delete linebreak on Android

Bug report

When you press backspace/delete on an empty line it does not remove the linebreak it instead closes the keyboard. See the linked gif.


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: Android 11 - Oxygen OS
  • App Version: 4.1.0 (67)


  1. Open a note
  2. Go to an empty line (maybe start of line with contents also works?)
  3. Try to delete the line break

Hi Magnus,

Thank you for the report.
The editor on Android is quite unstable and I’m planning to rebuild it as I wrote in the roadmap here:

It’ll take time because rebuilding the editor from scratch is hard.

Okay sounds good.

I had read the roadmap but had somehow missed that part, my bad.

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FYI: I’m working on building a native editor for iOS and Android now. Here is a progress report (visible for paid users only):