Bullet points do not insert automatically on mobile | 🐞

Bug report

As on the desktop, bullet points insert after each other, This behavior was expected by me in the mobile version of inkdrop, and this is not the case, The steps to reproduce exactly describe my issue and I hope this might be fixed as fast as possible as this behavior might be expected by the majority.


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: Oppo ColorOS 7.1
  • App Version: Latest (v4.2.4)

How to reproduce

  1. Open a new note
  2. Insert a bullet point from the toolbar above the keyboard
  3. (Optional) Type Text
  4. Press enter

Expected: A new bullet point to be inserted
Got: A blank line

I really hope this is fixed soon! Thank you :open_hands:

Hi Rithul,

Thanks for the report.
Oops, that looks like a regression in the last update!

It turns out that it’s due to the Gboard’s breaking change.
It no longer emits events for soft return key, unfortunately.
Interestingly, it works fine with the Japanese keyboard.
So, I guess it’s impossible to fix that with the current implementation.

But I’m currently working on a new native-based editor and the issue should be fixed with it: