Android: Weird typing bugs when adding markup (here: quote)

I noticed some weird jumping / modifying / deleting behavior when adding markup to existing text on android.


  • Platform: Android
  • Platform version: 10
  • App Version: 4.0.4


  1. Create a new note with some text. I’m gonna use “Hello World how are you?”
  2. Move the cursor to the beginning and type “>” (this changes the formatting to quote)
  3. Type Space

Expected text resulting from this:

> Hello World how are you?

Text I actually get:

>Hello d how are you?

The cursor is positioned at the end.

Trying to insert text between “Hello” and “World” makes the cursor jump to after “World”


This issue might be related: Android typing impossible to use

I also noticed a related behavior when trying to do the following, but I couldn’t reproduce:

  1. Write some text.
  2. Insert “**” at the end (!) of the text.
  3. Insert “**” at the beginning to make the text bold.
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Hi Steffen,

Thank you for reporting it.
The editor for Android is known as unstable.
It is planned to be rebuilt in the current roadmap.
I also described why it happens in the article:

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