Plugin update/check needed for supporting v5.6.0

Hey, Inkdrop plugin developers @plugin-developer !

The desktop v5.6.0 is currently in beta.
It comes with a new Markdown renderer, which uses the latest Remark packages.

There are plugins that extend the rendering process.
If you maintain one of these plugins, please be aware that you’ll need to update them due to breaking changes in Remark.

Affected plugins

As far as I know, the following plugins need to be updated:

But please check if your plugins work fine just in case even if they don’t extend the Markdown renderer because I’ve made many changes.

Target the correct Inkdrop versions

Update the "engines.inkdrop" field in your package.json like so:

"engines": {
  "inkdrop": ">=5.6.0 <7"

v6 is planned to update the UI part for better design, animations and interactivity.
Non-theme plugins should work on v6 without update.
If you have theme plugins, you should still target 5.x.

How to use the latest Remark packages

Remark or related packages often come as ES modules.
Unfortunately, they cannot be used in plugins due to Electron’s current limitations.
As a workaround, you have to use a bundler to include those modules into your plugin.

Please check out the guide here for more detail.

Update examples

:pray: Please update your plugins

I’d like to release v5.6.0 along with plugins that work flawlessly as much as possible.
If you discover a plugin that isn’t functioning as expected, kindly report the issue to the respective plugin author🙏

Please be reminded that plugin developer licenses will be revoked from those who do not update their plugins to align with the latest version.
This update is crucial if you wish to continue using Inkdrop for free.
So, please update your plugin.

If you have any questions, please post a topic in the developers category here!

Thank you so much for supporting Inkdrop :heart:

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Thanks for the heads up, my life is quite busy right now if anyone is available to help update Inkdrop Wiki Links.

I have a question. Does this change need to be updated after v5.6.0 release? Or is it okay to change it before release?

"engines": {
  "inkdrop": ">=5.6.0 <7"

@Seito_Tanaka hi!
It’s no problem to update now.
Specifying >=5.6.0 <7 means that your plugin no longer supports the older versions.
The current version (v5.5.3) will ignore those unsupported plugins.

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fkunn1326/inkdrop-spoiler has been updated :partying_face:
Thank you @fkunn1326 for updating it!

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furigana has been updated :partying_face:
Thank you @anon_hina for updating it!