Inkdrop Desktop v5.5.2-beta.1

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  • Dev: Add a link to dev-tools plugin in Preferences
  • Editor: Remove the file extension from the alt attribute when inserting an image from a file
    • Before: [filename.jpg](inkdrop://file:****)
    • After: [filename](inkdrop://file:****)
  • Theme: Switch the default light/dark themes automatically based on the system preferences (Thanks Mac and Ben)
    • You can disable this behavior by setting core.toggleDarkThemeAutomatically to false in config.cson


  • Export: Inline styles not working in exported notes as pdf or html
  • Export: Canceled dialogs not being handled properly
  • UI: The note list not updating if a conflict happens
  • Editor: The editor should refresh after changing custom stylesheets
  • Editor: The app crashes when inputting a title longer than 128 characters (Thanks Danielsec)
  • Markdown Preview: Task checkboxes get wrong position when the item is empty
  • Local server: The numeric parameters for _changes work incorrectly
  • Local server: GET /tag:<id> not working
  • App: Notes not being saved when immediately quitting after editing (Thanks Ryuki)
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