Feature request: ability to synchronize plugins across devices

Would be helpful to have a way for all devices to synchronize their plugins.
ie: to have the same plugins.
and, to have the same settings for all plugins, in the case where plugins have settings.


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Hi Dav,

Thank you for the suggestion.
I already answered the same suggestion in the following topic, so please check it out:

Thanks, though I’m surprised.
I haven’t looked into the plugin api yet (and I should as I have a number of suggestions for plugins), but if a plugin is supported on each platform, does it really have different configuration files per platform?

I guess I’m assuming that Inkdrop abstracts the platform.


You are right, the most plugins are platform-agnostic, except for plugins like vibrant-dark-ui.
However it would need a lot of time to support syncing the local config data.
Let me discuss about it when planning the next roadmap.
I’m currently working on this roadmap.

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