Separate app state out of config.cson

I like to keep app configs in my dotfiles, however I noticed that the config file is updated every time I used inkdrop. Looks like various app “state” information is being stored in the config.cson file.

I’d like to suggest separating state into it’s own file and leaving config.cson to static configuration.

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Hi Craig,

Thanks for the suggestion.
I guess it’s regarding a topic on syncing the config between clients, which is discussed here:

Syncing config makes sense, not sure about syncing “state”. It’s things like

  editingNoteId: "note:NAm99z__U"

that are constantly changing in the config file so git thinks my .dotfiles need to be updated. :slight_smile:

You are right. The state is not actually config.
BTW, I thought it’d be nice to automatically install missing plugins when loaded, which would solve the above issue as well.

I’ll revisit that once I’ve finished rebuilding the mobile app.

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Automatically installing missing plugins would be an interesting feature. I know after rebuilding my computer I had to remember what plugins I had installed and then re-install and configure them.

Keep up the great work!

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