Failed to attach an image on Android

Bug report

Hi, when I tried to attach an image on Android Inkdrop, it fails. Please see the screenshot below.

Both “Choose from library” and “Take photo” results this error. The app has permissions to access the media on the device. The old photo (taken about a week ago) also results this error.


  • Platform: (Android)
  • Platform version: (11)
  • App Version: (4.1.0 (67))


Create a note, click the image icon. Choose “Select from library” and choose the image on your device. I chose the device Camera, but I found this happens to any images I choose.

Hi Kohei,

Thank you for the report.
That’s weird but I can’t reproduce it at the moment. There may be a device-dependent issue.
It could be related to this issue but I don’t know:

I’ll consider adding a feature for debugging as it’s not helpful just seeing the error message on this issue.

I think I’ve got it to reproduce.
If you haven’t ever viewed any existing images before, it fails to insert an image.
That’s because the app hasn’t made a directory for attachments yet.
So, the directory should be created when inserting an image as well.
will fix it!

Published a beta build that should solve the issue.
@KOHEI_ARAI Can you please try it?


Will do!

Did it work?