Suggestion: tab navigation from note title to note body

I just started using the app and I love it. One suggestion I have is to improve the tab navigation, specifically from note title to note body.

Right now when you create a new note, you can immediately start typing the title. Great! After that, you have to use the mouse to get to the note body. You can’t use tab to get to the note body. It would be nice if you could just type the title, hit the tab, and then start creating your note inside the note body.

There are some other options(status, tags, and such) that should also be a part of this flow too. But not sure about the order.

edit - you can get to the note body from note title with tab, you just need to hit tab 17 times. :disappointed:

Hi Ron,

Thank you for the question.
You can move the focus from the note title bar to the tag input, and the editor by just hitting Enter key.
There is also a community-made plugin called seamless-title-and-text:

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