Black UI Theme for Mobile

I prefer black themes and the grey “dark” theme is too bright for me. While I can maintain my own themes for desktop, I have no choice on mobile.

I love the Energy syntax theme and it appears as if this is a built-in theme.

Would it be possible to complete the integration of Energy as a UI theme which is included in the theme choices of the mobile app?

Hi Evan,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah I’d love to support third-party themes on mobile and I’m aware of the fact that quite many people want it:

As I answered above, it’s hard to support customizing the UI theme as it’s built with React Native, which doesn’t support CSS-based styling. It needs to rebuild the entire UI components with theming ability in mind.
So, it will take time. I’ll discuss it when the current roadmap has been finished.

To be clear, I was not asking for custom theming.

I was asking for the addition of a black theme as part of the mobile application. If you cannot have more than a binary light/dark choice due to limitations, can there be an option to overwrite/override the dark theme with black colors?

again, not custom colors provided by the user, a fixed theme baked into the application.

Yes, I understand that.
In terms of implementation, I would rather support custom themes than adding more fixed themes for user preferences because it’s too hard to maintain for me alone.
Supporting changing background color would make sense for some users.
But it’s tricky with the current implementation at the moment.
So, I’d like to redesign the UI architecture to solve those issues in the future, instead of spending time to make another fixed theme.

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understood, thanks