Backlinks, Roam & Obsidian

Love inkdrop - have been a customer for a while now and really appreciate all the effort you put. In particular, the fact you’re one of the only encrypted, cross platform note taking applications is amazing.

I’m really interested / impressed with where Roam and Obsidian have gone with note taking, in particular the backlinks function and the ‘daily note’. The backlinks/tagging makes it kind of incredible for interconnected notes, especially where you may not see the connection initially. Obsidian is based on local markdown files (a bit like Inkdrop, I think?). Roam is in the cloud. Neither have encryption.

Have you looked into a ‘linking’ function, like either of the above? I think they’d be crazy useful!

Again, thanks for all the work.

Recent HN chat about Obsidian

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Hi Ben,

Thank you for your kind words and suggestion. I’m happy to know you like it.
That’d be a big change for Inkdrop and I need to understand how backlinks work and how people use them for their note-taking.
I checked out Obsidian and found that it has a dedicated large pane for backlinks.
As they say, it focuses on interconnecting your knowledge.
On the other hand, Inkdrop was meant to be an alternative to Evernote for programmers in the first place and I am basically happy with it.
So, there is a significant difference in concept between Inkdrop and Obsidian.
Supporting backlinks would require the app concept to be changed.
Besides, it looks similar to Evernote’s Context feature and I felt it’s great, but I rarely found it useful personally to be honest in the last few years as a premium user.
So, I think the feature strongly depends on personal preference.

In terms of UI, since Inkdrop focuses on its simplicity, adding more big features basically makes the UI more complicated and hard to use. As one user already complained that the desktop app UI looks noisy:

I kind of agree with him and would like to clean it up sometime soon.

So, at this point, I don’t feel like supporting backlinks.
But if you think adding it is simple and easy, you can create a plugin for it :slight_smile:

Thanks again for letting me know your thoughts!