Android typing impossible to use

Bug report

When I try to edit the content area of any note, the experience is so bad that the app is unusable for editing any notes.

It’s hard to describe, but I took a video of it with touch input turned on so you could see where I was tapping on the screen.

Basically, as I try to type, the cursor jumps around in the text editor field so much that I can’t even type a whole word.


  • Platform: Android, Pixel 2 XL
  • Platform version: 9
  • App Version: 3.2.0

Using the base Google keyboard, “Gboard” (comes pre-installed)

In my browser the link I put in the post is showing up as an embedded video, but unplayable. In case you’re seeing the same problem, I’ll paste the link here as code, so it doesn’t format it:
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Hi Tobias,

Thank you for reporting it.
Yesterday, I’ve got the same report from another user.
It is a Gboard issue but I think I managed to fix it.
Could you try it? You can download the beta version from here:

Version code: 40


I installed the latest beta version from the Google Play Store and it works correctly. Great job, thank you! :tada:

A couple more points of information (general feedback):

  • I’ve clicked the “beta” button in Google Play Store, so that’s how I got the beta version.
  • If I look into the Android system details, it still says the version is 3.2.0 (the version I wrote in this bug report) and inside Inkdrop I don’t see a version number, for example in the “Preferences”. It might be good to put a version in the “Preferences”, so users can look it up easier.

Anyway, it works perfectly on my phone with the Beta version (the version with the message “Fix Gboard issue”) so thank you for that!!!

Great to hear that worked!
Thanks so much for checking it out.
You are right, the version number should be displayed in the app.
I’ll check RN docs if it’s possible.
Thanks again for your support!

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