Vim - binding letter keys in insert mode


I have a quick question - I wanted to remap my Esc key in insert mode quite close to what benji tried to do here: How to properly rebind keys for inkdrop and vim plugin? Can't get it to work, but for jk keys instead of qq. I got it to work thanks to the answer provided in this thread which is great, but the side effect is that I cannot type the letter j into the textarea anymore. Whenever press the j key and do not follow it with k just nothing happens. What I hoped for was the behavior similar to what Jetbrains’ IdeaVim introduces in such scenario, which is wait for half a second after j is pressed, then if followed by k it exits the insert mode or just inserts j if otherwise. Is there any possibility to achieve such behavior?

Thank you!


  • Platform: (macOS)
  • Platform version: (Mojave)
  • App Version: (4.4.1)