Using bold shortcut gives undesired result when using multiline select

Bug report

When using multiline/multicursor select and the bold shortcut it gives undesired results. You would expect that the selections on each line would be marked bold but instead the selected content is duplicated to a new line below, then the new content and old is marked bold.

I have attached a view example below where I first show the multiline/multicursor insertion works as intended, then that the bold shortcut does not, and then that undoing the bold shortcut results in a different selection than before.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Platform version: 11 23H2
  • App Version: 5.8.1

How to reproduce

  1. Have something in two lines above/below each other that you want to make bold
  2. Use the multiline shortcut to have a cursor on both lines
  3. Use shift select to select the content with the cursors on both lines
  4. Use the bold shortcut

Hi Magnus,

Thanks for the report.
I’m planning to migrate CodeMirror to v6, where I’d expect it to be resolved.
I’ll keep this issue in mind when testing it!


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